May 22, 1912, Manitoba Free Press.

With the first phase of the Board of Trade Building completed, the Winnipeg Development and Industrial Bureau publishes second-phase expansion plans, which reveal space designated for an art gallery.

One year later, in 1913, amateur artist and businessman George Wilson (1863–1938) reports in The Year Book of Canadian Art: 1913: “For many years Winnipeg has languished in comparative darkness so far as the brightening influence of art is concerned … . A few art lovers, however, have persisted in their endeavors to awaken a general interest in art…  and this work at last blossomed out when … the Industrial Bureau called to consider the enlarging of the Exposition Building … [to] include a public Art Gallery as an extra attraction. The proposal met with a favourable reception, and … [in] a few days sufficient funds were collected from the leading business and wholesale men (including a small grant given by the city) to cover all the building expense.”