The Annual Report publishes a list of 37 individuals who each contributed $200 towards becoming Winnipeg Museum of Fine Arts and the Winnipeg School of Art Founding Members.

The Founding Members include Lieutenant Governor Douglas Colin Cameron (1854-1921, businessmen William John Bulman (1870–1938), George Wilson (1863–1938), Robert Walter Paterson (1876-1936), and Melbourne Francis Christie (1864-1944); realtors Ronald C. MacDonald (1857-1918), David R. Finkelstein (1880-1952), William Grassie (1872-1935), Charles Henry Enderton (1861-1920), William Henry Cross (1852-1928), and Neil Thomas MacMillan (1877-1931); civil servant Henry Sandison (1861-1942); office stationer John Arthur Hart (1857-1946); artists Mary Ewart (c. 1872-1939) and Edgar John Ransom (1874-1956); Dr. Arthur William Moody (1868-1946), lawyers Clarence Day Shepard (1872-1949) and Patrick Anderson Macdonald (1857-1951); Reverend Charles William Gordon (1860-1937); steamboat operator William Robinson (1849-1936); brewer Edward Lancaster Drewry (1851-1940); railway executives William Methven Whyte (1843-1914) and Malcolm H. MacLeod (1857-?); financier Robert Thomas Riley (1851-1944); contractors James McDiarmid (1855–1934) and Edward Cass (1849-1932); architect John Danley Atchison (1870–1959); merchants Frederick John Charles Cox (1860-1939), John Leslie (1852-1915), George Frederick Galt (1855-1928), and John Young Reid (1872-1945).