Winnipeg’s cenotaph on Memorial Boulevard is unveiled in November, after three years of controversy.

In 1925, Emanuel Hahn (1881–1957) submitted the winning design for the city’s war memorial. Anti-German sentiment was still strong seven years after the Great War and Hahn was disqualified from the competition when it was discovered that he had been born in Germany (although a British subject since 1903). The Winnipeg Board of Trade, which housed the Gallery and School of Art, was vocal in calling for Hahn’s disqualification. A subsequent round of jury deliberation opened in 1927, and the winning design was by Elizabeth Wyn Wood (1903–1966). However, Wood was married to Hahn, and her submission was likewise disqualified. The commission was finally awarded to the British-born Winnipeg sculptor whose designs finished third, Gilbert Parfitt (1887–1966).