Source: Archives of Manitoba, Jewish Historical Society Coll. 575.

Abraham Albert Heaps (1885–1954), Member of Parliament, a former Winnipeg General Strike leader, and Gallery Board Member finalizes an important donation of artwork to the Gallery.

The Gallery has 27 works in its collection from Heaps, including major canvases by modern Canadian artists Maurice Cullen (1866–1934) and Edmund Morris (1871–1913), as well as historical works by British and European painters like George Morland (1763–1804), Benjamin Williams Leader (1831–1923), and Hippolyte Camille Delpy (1841–1910). A founding member of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (precursor to the New Democratic Party), Heaps reported that he hoped his donation to the Gallery “may encourage a more kindly feeling toward the Labour Party which can translate its politics into such kindly and inoffensive deeds as this.”
—March 3, 1934, Toronto Saturday Night