December 15, 1960, Winnipeg Free Press.

The Gallery, through funds raised by the Women’s Committee, makes its first major acquisition of Inuit art from the collection of professor and artist George Swinton (1917–2002). This purchase of 139 sculptures sets the stage for what is now the largest public collection of Inuit art in the world.

Gallery Director Ferdinand Eckhardt (1902–1995) describes the Swinton collection as “thoughtful,” praised the work for its artistic beauty, and voices the hope of the Gallery becoming a major centre of Inuit art. For his part, George Swinton states in an interview in the Winnipeg Free Press: “I wanted the collection to stay in Winnipeg because the city has been very good to me and I felt the purpose of collecting the pieces would be defeated if a private collector got hold of the carvings. I don’t think that private collector would keep the collections together.”