Marsha Twomey, 1973. Winnipeg Art Gallery.

To mark the opening of the new building, the WAG acquires one of its most significant collections, the 4,000-piece collection of Inuit art from Jerry Twomey (1915–2008). At this time, Twomey’s is the largest private collection of Inuit art in the world, representing 27 settlements and 400 artists. The collection was showcased in Eskimo Sculpture: Selections from the Twomey Collection, which opened in February. 

A plant breeder, Twomey was a co-founder of T & T Seeds of Winnipeg. His pure white gladiola won the World’s Most Beautiful Glad Award at the 1939 World’s Fair. Twomey’s life as an art collector began with the purchase of an Inuit carving for $8 wholesale in 1952 from the Hudson’s Bay Company. Twomey’s daughter Marsha, pictured here, worked at the WAG to catalogue the collection and gave lectures on Inuit Art at Viterbo College in Lacrosse, Wisconsin and St. Catherine’s College in St. Paul Minnesota.