Postcard, Warhol: Larger than Life, 2007. Winnipeg Art Gallery. Andy Warhol, Self-Portrait, 1986.

Opening on October 4 is the exhibition Warhol: Larger than Life, comprising over 150 works and archival photographs by the famous American Pop artist, Andy Warhol (1928–1987), from the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburg.

The show is significant not only given the status of the artist, but for its interactive education elements. The Gallery offers iPod tours for the first time. Audiences have the opportunity to get their pictures taken in a photo booth, draw and display their own self-portraits, and write and display comments within the exhibition space. By the time Larger than Life closes, visitors have created over 1,000 drawings and 3,000 comments. The exhibition is a huge success, with almost 24,000 visitors; 3,000 of whom came through the exhibition during its final weekend.