Left to right: Troy Westwood, Krys Childerhose, Rosemary Vodrey, Betty Searle, and José Koes kicking-off the anniversary celebrations, 1998. Winnipeg Art Gallery.

The Volunteer Committee celebrates its 50th anniversary. 

The anniversary is marked by a series of events beginning in the fall, including four exhibitions paying tribute to the Volunteer Committee’s role in organizing events, educational initiatives, and fundraising that contributed to the acquisition of 1,600 works of art for the WAG’s permanent collection: The Volunteer Committee 50th Anniversary Project; The Winnipeg Show Revisited; Visitations Within the Collection; and The Volunteer Committee and Inuit Art. Artist Steve Gouthro is commissioned to create a special print honouring the anniversary. His lithograph, Wrapped in the Art - a conundrum in black and white, itself references a favourite 19th century painting from the WAG’s collection, A Problem in White by Charles Orchardson (1873–1917).