The famed New York Times art critic John Canaday (1907–1985) delivers a lecture entitled “The Artist, the Critic, and the Public” in the WAG’s Muriel Richardson Auditorium.

Canaday was impressed with Winnipeg. In a letter to the Board, he wrote “The usual idea that visiting lecturers are invited in order to perk up the local scene went into reverse as far as I was concerned in Winnipeg. I am not just being polite or saying what I think my hosts would like to hear; the plain fact is that I found those three days in Winnipeg stimulating beyond any I have spent anywhere for a long time. The response to my talks was gratifying, but the spirit of the people I met at parties was what counted most. There was a wonderful alertness, responsiveness and civilized camaraderie that now means ‘Winnipeg’ to me.”