Winnipeg Perspective artist, 1978. Winnipeg Art Gallery.

The first Winnipeg Perspective exhibition opens on February 24. The exhibition includes work by a dozen artists, including Gordon Lebredt (1948–2011), David Rimmer, Kim Tomczak, Serge Tousignant, and Bill Vazan.  

Winnipeg Perspective represents a revival of the Winnipeg Show, which last occurred in 1972. Its purpose, according to WAG Director Roger Selby (1934–1995) is to “provide artists, from across the country, an opportunity for recognition.” Unlike the Winnipeg Show, the annual Winnipeg Perspective show is curated, not juried, features fewer artists, and each year would present work aligned to a different theme. The inaugural 1978 exhibition focuses on artists who incorporated grids into their work. There would be eight Winnipeg Perspective exhibitions before the series is terminated after 1988. The themes explored included “photography” (1979), “sites” (1980), “ritual” (1981), “post-pop realism” (1982), “dialogues” (1984), “video” (1985), and “theatre tableaux” (1988). Among the artists whose work would feature in future Winnipeg Perspectives were Ian Wallace, Suzy Lake, Arnaud Maggs, Steve Higgins, Mark Gomes, Don Proch, Liz Magor, John McEwen, Vera Frankel, Eric Cameron, and Lisa Steele.