Nancy Smith surveys Cape Dorset and Baker Lake prints, March 11, 1980.

A fundraising drive is launched to purchase hundreds of drawings and print-drawings used to create prints by Inuit artists in Baker Lake, at the Sanavik Co-op.

In December 1977, the Sanavik Co-op burned down, resulting in the destruction of that year’s fully editioned 1977 Inuit print collection. However, this loss is greatly mitigated by a long-term loan of 1,800 Sanavik graphics to the WAG that had been completed earlier that year. This loan included 557 drawings, 176 print-drawings that had been used to create prints, and approximately 1,000 proof and trial prints. As a result of the 1978 fundraising drive, the WAG comes to amass one of the most significant international collections of Inuit graphic work by the mid-1980s.