August 2, 1977, Winnipeg Free Press.

A WAG-organized exhibition, Ministic Sculpture, featuring 40 stone carvings by 21 Saulteaux artists, including Saunders Keno (1934–2003), Jacob Keno, David Keno, and Martha Hastings, along with documentary photographs, opens on August 26 at Garden Hill, Manitoba, where all the artists reside. 

Ministic Sculpture is not displayed at the WAG until the fall, and then tours to northern Manitoba communities such as Norway House and Berens River (where three-quarters of the entire population attended the exhibition) over the summer of 1978. Organizing this exhibition is not a simple matter. The difficulties range from long negotiations to obtain the use of a symbolic typewriter on which to type the Saulteaux translation of the catalogue text, to transporting the actual sculptures to remote communities.